Department of Commerce


Sl. No First Semester Second Semester
1. Ability Enhancement Elective (AEE)-I Ability Enhancement Elective (AEE)-II
2. Financial Accounting Corporate Law
3. Business Law Corporate Accounting
4. Generic Elective-I Generic Elective-II
5. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-1 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-II
Sl. No Third Semester Fourth Semester
1. Cost Accounting Auditing
2. Banking and Insurance Business Statistics
3. Business Organisation and Management Fundamentals of Financial Management
4. Generic Elective-III Generic Elective-IV
Sl. No Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
1. Income Tax Law and Practice Management Accounting
2. Principles of Marketing Financial Markets and Institutions
3. Discipline Elective-I Discipline Elective-III
4. Discipline Elective-II Discipline Elective-IV
AECC Disciplinary Elective
1.English I 1.Fundamentals of Investment Management
2.English II 2.International Business
AEE 3.Indirect Taxes
1.Computer Fundamentals 4.Business Policy for Management
2.Entrepreneurship 5.Financial Analysis
3.Group and Cooperative Process 6.Contemporary issues in Accounting
Generic Elective 7.Training and Development
1.Introduction to Financial Statements Accounting 8.Performance and Compensation Management
2.Principles of Financial Management 9.Business Tax Procedure & Management
3.Introduction to Financial Markets & Institutions 10.Health Economics
4.Either from B. B. A. program 11.Computerized Accounting with Tally
12.Business Research Methods
13.Industrial Economics
14.Introduction to SPSS