Department of Mathematics


Sl.NO. First Semester Second Semester
1. Calculus

Calculus (Practical)

Differential Equations
Differential Equations (Practical)
2. Algebra Real Analysis
3. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)
4. Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)
5. Generic Elective (GE) Generic Elective (GE)
  Third Semester Fourth Semester
1. Theory of Real Functions Partial Differential Equation
Partial Differential Equation (Practical)
2. Group Theory I Riemann Integration & Series of functions
3. Multivariate Calculus

Multivariate Calculus (Practical)

Ring Theory and Linear Algebra-I
4. Generic Elective (GE) Generic Elective (GE)
  Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
1. Metric Spaces Complex Analysis
Complex Analysis (Practical)
2. Group Theory II Ring Theory and Linear Algebra
3. Elective Discipline Specific (DSE 1)

DSE-I (Practical)

Elective Discipline Specific (DSE 3)
4. Elective Discipline Specific (DSE 2) Elective Discipline Specific (DSE 4)

1.   English I
2.   English II

Generic Elective

1   Mathematical Physics and Relativity

2.  Mechanics I :Statics and Dynamics

3.  Mechanics II :Rigid Dynamics & Hydrostatics

4.  Programming in C++

5.  Principles of Organization & Management

6.  Business Mathematics

7.  Elements of Financial Management


1.   LATEX and HTML
2.   Computer Algebra Systems and Related Soft wares.


1.  Numerical Methods

2.  Mathematical Modeling & Graph Theory

3.  Probability Theory and Random Process


1.  Measure Theory

2.  Discrete Mathematics

3.  Functional Analysis

4.  Number Theory


1.  Probability Theory and Statistics

2.  Fuzzy Sets and Logic

3.  Bio-Mathematics

4.  Differential Geometry


1.  Cryptography and Network Security

2.  Operations Research

3.  Applications of Algebra

4.  Topology