Department Of ECE

Department Of Electronics & Communication

The Department has bright young faculty who have acquired their education from reputed Indian Institutions. Besides engineering courses, the curriculum includes sufficient courses from the areas of physics, mathematics, humanities and management. Special emphasis is placed on courses from emerging areas such as Mobile Communication, Digital System Design, Digital Signal Processing and Microelectronics. The department has a committed faculty and adequate infrastructure to impart instructions.

Laboratory work is a very important part of the engineering education. Accordingly one separate laboratory course is associated with each core course in the undergraduate program. The department has following well-equipped laboratories catering to the requirements of the students; Basic Electronics Lab, Electrical Circuits Lab, Signals and System Lab, Analogue Electronics Lab and Digital Electronics Lab. All these laboratories are equipped with state of the art instruments and software tools to enable the students to perform design oriented experiments and test their designs.

UG Program in Electronics & Communication Engineering

The program aims at producing high quality engineers in the area of Electronics & Communication Engineering who can take up challenges in design, development, research, manufacturing, management and academics. Students get a good foundation in Basic Sciences, Mathematics, Basic Engineering and in many core subjects like Electronics & Communication Engineering. Through many Professional Development Courses which include Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, they turn out to be good professionals in their branch of specialization.

Some of the important compulsory subjects include Analog & Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Electromagnetic Engineering, Telecommunication Networks and VLSI Technology. Students are required to take a number of courses in Computer Science and Engineering to meet the requirements of academics as well as industry. The program is fully supported by excellent laboratory facilities. Options to take many elective subjects provide a wonderful opportunity to the students to go in further specialization in ECE or broaden their knowledge to cater to the demands of academics and industry. A strong emphasis on the final year project make the student confident in research, design, development, manufacturing and management. Students get a flavor of working in industry and the work culture there through the mandatory six-week industrial training at the end of the third year.