Department Of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics is going to be created to cater to the needs of the B.Tech Programs of various engineering departments. Since the role of Mathematics and Computations is becoming more and more important in Science and Engineering, a variety of courses have been introduced to meet the needs of different disciplines. Keeping in mind the emerging interdisciplinary nature on Pure and Applied Mathematics, the Department will be committed to provide a vibrant environment for research and learning. The three major areas in which the Department is going to expand research activities are:

  1. Numerical Analysis and Computations: This will include the design of algorithms of Numerical Analysis from elementary to advanced level. Implementation of algorithms will be done in the Computation Laboratory using C/C++ and Matlab.
  2. Mathematical Analysis: At the root of the entire applicable mathematics lies the analysis part which requires a deeper understanding of Pure Mathematics. Topics like Theory of Functions of Real and Complex Variables, Number Theory, Linear and Abstract Algebra and Functional Analysis, therefore, play an important role in the development of Applied Mathematics. One of our basic aims is to strengthen these areas.
  3. Continuum Mechanics: Continuum Mechanics which comprises Fluid Mechanics, Elasticity, Plasticity, Vibrations and Waves play an important role in all engineering discipline particularly Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Most of the problems in these areas reduce to Initial and Boundary Value Problems which may be linear or nonlinear. To provide a reasonably accurate solution is a challenge to Mathematicians as well as to Engineers. We intend to solve such problems by using the FEM, BIEM, Mesh Free Methods etc.