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Dr. Girish Chandra Sharma
Assistant Professor (GRADE-II)

Email : girish.sharma@mail.jaypeeu.ac.in

Tel : 91-9719434962





M.Sc, Ph.D  


He has earned his entire education compiling the doctorate degree in the field of Bio-Inorganic Chemistry in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Sartaj Tabassum from the Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. During the tenure of his research, he has published 8 publications in the journal of international repute with good impact factors and attended several national and international conferences. He has awarded Project Fellow for a period of 18 months in DBT sponsored project since March 2008 to June 2009. Entitled “Synthesis and mechanistic studies of metal complexes and their in-vitro DNA binding studies”. Before joining the Jaypee University, Anoopshahr, he was associated with G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida for 2 years as Asstt. Professor and coordinator of chemistry since 2012. Prior to this he was teaching in Alpine college of Engineering for 4 years.

Interest Area(s)




  1. Farukh Arjmand, Girish Chandra Sharma and Mohd. Muddassir   Comparative      in vitro DNA binding profile and antitumor activity of chiral Cu (II) and   diorganotin (IV) complexes: Mechanistic approach based on enantioselectivity   and their influence on artificial nuclease activity. (2014) New Journal of   Chemistry (Communicated).
  2. Anupama Sharma, Girish Chandra Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, S.D. Tonpay. Biochemical evaluation of depigmentation (loss of melanocytes) in C57/BL6 mice and its treatment by Psoralea corylifolia. Linn (Bakuchi) seed oil and seed extracts. (2014) Acta Pharmacological Snica. (Accepted)
  3. Girish Chandra Sharma, Anupama Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Srinivas Damodar Tonpay. Ethanomedicinal trends in Indian tradition for treatment of vitiligo. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 2012, 6 (10), 1827- 1833.
  4. Akshay Nigam, Anupama Sharma, Ajay Kumar Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Singh and Girish Chandra Sharma. Primary Lymphoma of Liver Showing Non-Hodgkin’s B Cell Lymphoma. A Case Report, Journal of cancer Science  and therapy (2012) 4, 2 [ICv 5.09].
  5. Sartaj Tabassum, Girish Chandra Sharma, and   Farukh Arjmand. New modulated design and synthesis of chiral Cu II / Sn IV bimetallic potential anticancer drug entity:  in-vitro DNA binding and pBR322 DNA cleavage activity. (2012) Spectrochimica Acta Part A.  (Accepted 2012). Impact Factor: [1.90].
  6. Sartaj Tabassum, Girish Chandra Sharma, Farukh Arjmand and Ameer Azam.    Design and synthesis of new heterobimetallic complexes and their DNA  Condensation Studies. (Accepted.2012) journal of Organometallics Impact Factor: [2.21].
  7. Farukh Arjmand, Girish Chandra Sharma, Fatima Sayeed, Mohd. Muddassir, Sartaj Tabassum. De novo design of chiral organotin cancer drug candidates: validation of enantiopreferential binding to molecular target DNA and 5’-GMP by UV-visible, Fluorescence, 1H and 31P NMR. (2011) J. Photochemistry and Biology. B (105) 167-174. Impact Factor: [2.21]
  8. Farukh Arjmand*, Girish Chandra Sharma, Mohd. Muddassir, Sartaj Tabassum. Synthesis and enantiopreferential DNA binding profile of late 3d transition metal R- and S- enantiomeric complexes derived from N,N-bis-(1-benzyl-2-ethoxyethane): Validation of R- enantiomer of copper(II) complex as a human topoisomerase II inhibitor. (2011) Journal of Chirality (23) 557-567. Impact Factor: [2.89].
  9. Sartaj Tabassum, Girish Chandra Sharma,  Farukh Arjmand and Ameer Azam, DNA interaction studies of new nano metal based anti cancer agent: validation by Spectroscopic methods. (2010) Nanotechnology, (21) 195102. Impact Factor: [3.6].

AWARD        :    A Publication in Nature India (2010)