JU Youth Club (JYC)

 JU Youth Club (JYC) is a sole student body of JUA formed in 2014. The objectives of JYC are:

  1. Furthering holistic development of students
  2. Provide a climate that nurtures the overall development of students
  3. Create an environment that is trusting and spontaneous
  4. Encourages flexibility, celebration and recognition.


These are achieved through annual cultural programmes, technical fests, contests, sports meets, excursions and other spontaneous activities that help maintain high levels of enthusiasm and team integration. Focusing on technical, literary, sports and cultural scopes these competitive activities, apart from serving as a relief from intense academic load, present an opportunity to instil confidence, encourage teamwork and give students a strong sense of achievement and belonging.


Basic Structure of JYC
The JYC is divided into five sub-clubs or wings. Each wing is responsible for organizing and managing their own events.

    1. The Cultural Wing:The Cultural Wing provides an aggrandized platform to members to polish their hobbies of music, dance and dramatics. The Cultural Wing perennially organizes mega events like Fresher’s party, Cultural fest and musical nights.
    2. The Arts & Events Management Wing:The Arts and Events Management Wing provides a great platform to the artists of JUA to improve and polish their artistic and managerial skills. The Wing has always been on the forefront of managing all the major events of JYC.
    3. The Sports Wing: The Sports Wing ensure that all the hunger for action is replenished. The Sports Wing is responsible for organizing intra and inter university sports tournaments such as Football league, Cricket league, Volleyball league, Badminton league, Handball league and Basketball league.
    4. The Literary Wing: The Literary Wing organizes and manages all the literary activities, and gives a platform to students to express their literary talents. The Literary Wing also publishes university magazine and the alumni brochure on an annual basis.
    5. The Media Wing: The Media Wing covers all events organize by Jaypee University, Anoopshahr and manage the photography, videography and designing. It also get published events in print media and electronic media.


JYC Coordination Committee 2015-16


Central Body
Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Pathak Chairman
Mr. Radhey Shyam Member (Finance & Accounts)
Mr. Abhineet Srivastava General Secretary-I
Ms. Niharika Guglani General Secretary-II


Cultural Wing
Nirmal Gupta In-Charge Faculty Mamber
Mr. Gaurav Raj Coordinator Faculty Mamber
Dr. Hari Shankar Singh Mamber Faculty Mamber
Mr. Vishad Saxena Secretary Student Mamber
Mr. Varun Joint secretary (Dramatics) Student Mamber
Mr. MD. Mehre Ola, Ms. Radhika Gupta Joint secretary (Ramp) Student Mamber
Ms. Vedanshi Dwivedi Joint secretary (Dance) Student Mamber
Mr. Devesh Srivastava Joint secretary (Music) Student Mamber


Arts & Event management Wing
Dr. Nishant Srivastava In-Charge Faculty Mamber
Mr. Anuj Kumar Maurya Coordinator Faculty Mamber
Dr. Girish Sharma, Mr. Ram Kumar Mamber Faculty Mamber
Mr. Aviral Jindal Secretary Student Mamber
Mr. Aditya Kumar Gupta Joint secretary (Decoration) Student Mamber
Ms. Ashi Garg Joint secretary (Hospitality) Student Mamber
Mr. Utkarsh Srivastava Joint secretary (Banner & Event) Student Mamber
Mr. Rahul Verma Joint secretary (Security & Event) Student Mamber


Sports Wing
Dr. Kuldeep Mishra In-Charge Faculty Mamber
Dr. Rakhi Pandey (Girls) Coordinator Faculty Mamber
Dr. Mukesh Chandra Mamber Faculty Mamber
Mr. Vasu Agarwal Secretary Student Mamber
Mr. Shubham Joint secretary (Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball) Student Mamber
Mr. Devpriya Yadav Joint secretary (Football, Handball, Table Tennis) Student Mamber
Mr. Sidharth Garg Joint secretary (Cricket) Student Mamber
Mr. Nikhil Sharma Joint secretary (Athletics) Student Mamber


Media Wing
Dr. Jitendra kumar Mishra In-Charge Faculty Mamber
Mr. Satish Kumar Mishra Coordinator Faculty Mamber
Mr. Tasnim Arif Mamber Faculty Mamber
Mr. Mayank Pandey Secretary Student Mamber
Mr. Nishant Singh Joint secretary (Photo) Student Mamber
Mr. Rishav Saxena Joint secretary (Video) Student Mamber


Literary Wing
Dr. Rakhi Pandey Advisor & Chief Editor Faculty Mamber
Dr. Deepak Chaswal Incharge & Associate Editor Faculty Mamber
Mr. Sushobhit Gangwar Mamber Faculty Mamber
Mr. Siddarth Pandey Secretary Student Mamber
Mr. Antriksh Chaudhary Joint secretary Student Mamber
Mr. Abhishek Singh Joint secretary (Debating club) Student Mamber
Mr. Akshay Sahni Joint secretary (Events) Student Mamber