Student Life

Student’s Life at Jaypee University

Come one come all, here’s a story of big and small

A story of big smiles, a story of little cheers

It’s about moving ahead and overcoming your fears

It’s about a life that you all must know

Of grandeur, intellect, innovation and so…


The story is set in the famous JU

A college that stands tall and mighty

Adorned with fountains across the lush lawns

Red brick walls that gleam in dusks and dawns

It has something for everyone out here

Be it food, fitness or fun in the air

There’s an AtoZ that meets all our wants

Cafe and SAC are our favourite haunts

Then there are various plush green courts

Huge fields where you can play all your sports

For those who care for your body and shape

The gyms and pools will make you gape

The mighty JU offers you a lot

Moments and experience that cannot be bought!


Now it’s turn for the brains that grow here

Full of surprises, shimmers and a lot of queer

It’s a college where each one of us is a champ

Where we carry creativity in our lamp

Some of us act while some of us dance

Some sing to fame whenever we get chance

Some travel, some blog, some paint, while some happily slog

Some juggle with shuttles, others play with bat

Some create robots that move, groove and pat

There are a few who are brilliant with codes

They can hoodwink the computers and fool them loads

Then comes a lot that start up their own firms

They give jobs to others and live on their own terms

See how different we are, what a spectrum we make

It’s a pool of talents in an abysmal lake!


Life at JU is surely a kaleidoscope

Hopes that follow, and sorrows that elope

The day is full of lectures, followed by practical and tutorial

Together they strengthen us by showing us what is for real

Come T1, T2, and T3, and we suddenly get serious for our degree

They are our actual combat zone, where we strain our eyes and crush our bones

Results come where some pass, and some fail

It’s like getting out on some benevolent bail

Alas! Exam winters don’t last for long,

As the fest spring soon starts singing its song

Fest is the time where we are what we are

There is no limit, and there is no bar

We unleash our fantasies and let them fly high

To bring out the best from the heavens and the blue sky!


It is at JU when we wake up from a long siesta

And live each day as if it were a grand fiesta

We study, we play, we love, we pray

We turn white all that is grey

It is a great college for sure, where life teaches us fun that is so pure!

It is a great college for sure, where life teaches us fun that is so pure! Listen to us! JU is not just an engineering college.Here some of us work exactly like robots, while others create robots in their small hubs. That’s what JU is about….it’s a spectrum of odd variety of colours, of unimaginable experiences, of unthinkable moments, of students who are different, who are similar, who are crazy and who are versatile.Some of us are storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, football players, travellers, entrepreneurs, acrobats, fashion designers (and we must not forget the disasters as well 😛 ), i.e. the explorers. Some of us are the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Indira Nooyi. You name them and we have them here. While most of us aim to be names that rule the world tomorrow, few of us are simply spectators. Here everyone is so dynamic and different yet we all live together with unity, with integrity, with love and with care.Isn’t it a surprise, because sometimes we are surprised too, how do we pull this amusement park show all together! Here we spend the best four years of our life trying everything possible, exploring ourselves to the deepest and doing what suits us the best!Then there’s something extra for many of us here. And that is the incomparable experience of residing in our lush plush campus. Hostels become the second home to many of us here (or even the first home for quite a few). A home away from home, where our friends become our siblings, our roomies become our parents, and some nosey characters become our grandparents! We stay together, we play together, we eat together and we pray together. It is a family in its own, a world in its own!Life at JU is almost a parallel culture, an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to several experiences. Living by some stringent rules is surely one of them, but then who minds it when you have so much to enjoy for! Getting to know a host of students from diverse backgrounds at very close quarters, knowing how varied life can be, how different cuisines can be, how amazing life can be! At JU, life gets a new meaning! It gets a new shape! It gets new equations! And we…we get to know who we are!