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Admissions Open for AY 2024-25. Apply Online at https://getadmissions.com/jaypee


जेपी विश्वविद्यालय अनूपशहर , उ. प्र. , भारत


Name:  Shiv Kumar

Designation:   Assistant Professor

Department:  Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Qualification: M.A. from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (2012), B.Ed. from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (2013), M.Phil. (2015), and Ph.D. (2021) from Central University Punjab, Bathinda, INDIA.

Experience: More than Four years Teaching and Research Experience  

Email ID: shiv.kumar@mail.jaypeeu.ac.in


Dr. Shiv kumar is working as assistant professor in the Department of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences (HOD) in Jaypee University Anoopshahr, U.P. (INDIA). He has also earned more than four years teaching and research experience at Lovely Professional University (INDIA) with a proven ability to teach, motivate and guide students to enhance maximum performance in academic and research. He has awarded M.Phil.-Ph.D. (January, 2021) integrated degree from Centre for South and Central Asian Studies in Central University Punjab, Bathinda (INDIA). His Ph.D. topic was titled “Emerging Regional Security Architecture in the Indo-Pacific Region: A Study from Indian Perspective”. Dr. Kumar has published various research articles/book chapters in renowned National and International journals.

Expertise: His expertise in India’s Maritime Security in Indo-Pacific region, Geopolitics in South Asia, International & Political Theory, International Relations, Indian Foreign Policy and India’s National Security etc.

Read More:

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=xtc4MqMAAAAJ&hl=en

OICID: 0000-0002-5110-5158

WoS ID: CAE-9552-2022

Research Publications:

  1. Kumar, Shiv, Sudheer Singh Verma & Shabaz Hussain Shah, (2020). Indo-US Convergence of Agenda in the new Indo-Pacific Regional Security Architecture. South Asian Research, 40(2), 215-230. (ISSN- 17413141, 02627280). (Sage Publication House) Scopus Indexed.
  2. Kumar, Shiv. (2019). South Asian Security Architecture: A three Dimensional View. IUP Journal of International Relations. 13(2), 54-65. (ISSN- 0973-8509).
  3. Kumar, Shiv, Gitesh Kumar and Dawinder Kaur (2019). India-Kazakhstan Bilateral Relations: An Economic Perspective. SHODH SARITA, 6(23), 99-105. (ISSN- 2348-2397).
  4. Kumar, Shiv. (2015). Realignment of Powers between Sino-Russian Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region: India’s Prospects and Response. International Research Journal of Social Sciences. 4(10), 17-24. (ISSN- 2319-3565).
  5. Shah, Shabaz Hussain & Shiv Kumar (2018). “Russia’s South Asia Policy, Russia-China-Pakistan Strategic Axis and Indian Concerns”. IJRAR- International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews. 5(3), 1063-1071. (ISSN 2348-1269)
  6. Kumar, Shiv. (2019). Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership in the Multiplex World Order: Challenges for India in the Asia-Pacific Region.IJRAR- International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews. 6(1),1916-1912. (ISSN2348-1269).
  7. Hamood Mohammed Algaoud& Shiv Kumar (2021). Middle Eastern Regional Security Complex and Emerging Geostrategic Role of Bab el- Mandeb Strait. International Research Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), 9(4), 4353-4368. (ISSN 2320 2882).
  8. Tenzin Dadon & Shiv Kumar (2021). Changing new Dynamics of India’s Refugee Policy: A Case study of Tibetan Refugees. Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research, XIII( IV), 1475-1485. (ISSN NO: 0022-1945).
  9. Pashtoon Mazlumyar & Shiv Kumar (2021). Emerging Paradox on ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad Taliban’: Mapping the new Narratives for Regional Security. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR), 8(5), 341-348. (ISSN-2349-5162)
  10. Gordon Steven Pde & Shiv Kumar (2021). Governance Challenges in the State of Meghalaya: An Analysis.Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR),XIII (IV), 1451-1469. (ISSN NO: 0022-1945)
  11. Ahmad Shoaib Mehrpor & Shiv Kumar (2021). Positive Peace as Process in the Development of Afghanistan: Post 2014 analysis. International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), 8(2), 518-538. (E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138).

Book Chapters:

  1. Kumar, Shiv & Shabaz Hussain Shah, (2018). The Great Asian Security Complex: China’s Maritime Security Concerns and Response toward the South China Sea. In Geeta Kocher (Eds.) China’s Foreign Relation and Security Dimensions. New York: Routledge. ISBN no. 9780429507496. (Web of Science).

Conference Proceedings/Paper Presentations:.

  1. Kumar, Shiv, “Drug Trafficking a Non-Traditional Security Threat In Indian State of Punjab: Trans- Boundaries Connections and Solutions” Paper presented at Central University Punjab, Bathinda, INDIA.
  2. Kumar, Shiv, “Mapping the Depth of South Asian Security Architecture: Myth or Reality” Paper presented at Central University Punjab, Bathinda, INDIA.
  3. Kumar, Shiv,Emerging Indo-US Strategic Proximity and Regional Implications on the Indo- Pacific Region” paper presented at Rajiv Gandhi National Law University Punjab, INDIA.
  4. Kumar, Shiv,Realignment of Powers: Convergence of Sino-Russian Interests in ‘Asia-Pacific’ and its Implications for India” paper presented at Gujrat National Law University, INDIA.
  5. Kumar, Shiv, “Diaspora and National Interests: A Realistic Experience of India’s Diaspora in the US.” Paper presented at Central University of Gujrat, INDIA.
  6. Kumar, Shiv, “Reshaping the Asian Security Architecture: China’s Military Rise and India’s Concerns” Paper presented at HMV Jalandher, INDIA.
  7. Kumar, Shiv, ‘Mapping Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Through the Health Diplomacy: India’s Post-Pandemic Experiences” at Central University Punjab, Bathinda, INDIA.


Guest Lecture/Seminar Organized:

  1. Kumar, Shiv, “India- South Korea Geostrategic relations in the Indo-Pacific region: Implications for India” at Lovely Professional University, INDIA.
  2. Kumar, Shiv, “Community Engagement and Organization” at Jaypee University Anoopshahr, INDIA.
  3. Kumar, Shiv, “Artificial Intelligence in Tertiary Education” at Jaypee University Anoopshahr, INDIA.
  4. Kumar, Shiv, “India’s G20 Presidency, Sustainable Development Goals and New Agenda’s for Global South Countries in the 21st” At Jaypee University Anoopshahr, INDIA.