Jaypee University Anoopshahr

Admissions Open for AY 2024-25. Apply Online at https://getadmissions.com/jaypee/
Admissions Open for AY 2024-25. Apply Online at https://getadmissions.com/jaypee


जेपी विश्वविद्यालय अनूपशहर , उ. प्र. , भारत


Rules and Regulations

Hostel Rules

On arrival, student will report to the Coordinator/Caretaker and will take possession of the room under their guidance.

Student will sign the inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room before entering the allocated hostel room.

At the end of the each semester, student shall vacate his/her room and hand over the charge of the room including all the items on the inventory to the Coordinator/Caretaker.

The Hostel dues shall be paid as per the directives of the University officials.

Any act of intimidation or violence, damage to property and riotous behavior constitutes a serious offence.

Possession or use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages and gambling are strictly prohibited.

Students shall not enter the hostel premises in intoxicated state and should not possess such materials.

In case of violation, severe action will be taken resulting in expulsion from hostels and rustication from the University.

University campus is totally smoke-free. 

Depending on the case, the management reserves the right to take direct disciplinary action, amounting to even expulsion at short notice from the hostel.

Use of audio equipment in hostels is acceptable only if it is not objectionable to other residents.

No outsider is allowed to stay in the hostel. To bring any relative/friend/guest in the hostel without the consent of the warden will be considered as a serious offence.

A student’s parents may visit the student in the room with permission from warden.

Guests or other family members may be entertained by a student in the Visitors’ room/Cafeteria during lunch hours or between 4:00 PM to 8.00 PM.

Parents/Relatives/guests may be allowed to stay for a short period of time (one night only) in the University Field-Hostel/Guest House on payment basis. For this, prior permission is to be sought from the University general administration.
Students are allowed to roam in the Campus till 10:00 PM every day.

Students shall mark their attendance in the Hostel register every day at 09:30 PM-10:15 PM in the warden’s room.

Students are allowed to visit each other in the common areas of the hostels till 12:00 AM (mid-night).
Uses of high power electronic / electrical items (e.g. Room Heater, iron etc.) are not allowed. Students are not allowed to use electric stoves, heaters etc in rooms.

Cooking is strictly prohibited in the hostel rooms.
Students shall not bring any extra furniture or other fixtures in the room.

Students must keep the Campus & Rooms clean. Defacing walls, equipment, furniture etc., is strictly prohibited.

In case of any issue, students may write in the complain-register available in the warden’s room.

Out-Pass Rules:

A hosteller has to get Out-Pass from the Warden/Registrar/HOD before going out-side the campus in day time.

Hostellers are allowed to visit the nearest market during 05:00 PM to 07:30 PM without any permission/Out-Pass.
No Out-Pass is required on weekends and gazetted holidays.

Student has to get Out-Pass from the warden before going on vacations (Mid/End-Semester breaks).

Night Out-Pass will be issued by the respective wardens with the written consent from the parents.
Annapurna (Mess)


Students has to keep their identity cards and produce it to the mess supervisor as and when require.

The system of self service will be followed in the Annapurna.

The quantity of food will be unlimited except in the case of special items.

The dining of the Parents/Relatives/guests will be on payment basis.
The Annapurna timings are as follows and the students should strictly adhere to these timings:

Breakfast : 07:30 AM to 09:00 AM

Lunch : 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM

Dinner : 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Food and other belongings of the Annapurna are not to be taken outside the Annapurna.

No food will be served in the hostel rooms unless a consent is taken form the University Medical Officer/Warden/Caretaker showing that the students’ condition requires the food to be served in their rooms.

Wastage of food is strictly prohibited.

Cleanliness of the Annapurna and surroundings is the responsibility of all.

No notices shall be pasted on the walls.

Notices pasted on the notice boards should not be removed by the diners.
All the diners shall interact with the Annapurna staff in a polite manner.


Ragging in any form is strictly BANNED in or outside the campus. The violation will invite action as per law of the land and expulsion from the University.

Students should report any such incident immediately to the warden / any member of the Anti-Ragging Committee / Discipline Committee / Security Personnel / Director at any time of the day / night.

Being a silent viewer and not reporting such matters to the University officials is also an offence and will invite disciplinary action.