Jaypee University Anoopshahr

Admissions Open for AY 2024-25. Apply Online at https://getadmissions.com/jaypee/
Admissions Open for AY 2024-25. Apply Online at https://getadmissions.com/jaypee


जेपी विश्वविद्यालय अनूपशहर , उ. प्र. , भारत


Teaching Methodology

  • Jaypee University Anoopshahar is a premier University known best for its individual student centric teaching learning processes.

    We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and take great pride in the accomplishments of our graduates and the quality of our students. Our pride is not just a saying, it is an approach to learning and growth that will last a lifetime.

    At Jaypee University, our teaching and courses are designed in such a way that helps the students to develop the skills through hands-on experience needs for their career growth & development.

    Key figures from industry, academic and various organizations regularly interact with our faculty, students and deliver expert lectures. This helps us to dynamically design our courses synchronized to the latest trends.

    Why our teaching is so strong?

    At Jaypee University, students are taught by the people who are at the forefront of their subjects and use their strong backgrounds in industry and business to offer the students useful insights into the world of work as well as a thorough academic grounding.

    Group and Self-Learning

    At Jaypee University, we have incorporated very effective means towards preparing professionals who are proactive in seeking and acquiring knowledge rather than having it imparted only in the class room. Free exchange of ideas among the group members through discussions and presentations not only leverages on time and effort but also enhances teaching and communication skills. Aptitude for self-study is developed through use of web resources and data banks to foster lifelong learning.

    Tutorial Problem Solving exercises

    Most theoretical courses need interactive discussion in small tutorial-groups. These groups are given opportunity for problem solving, design exercises and informationsearch and processing to develop critical learning abilities.


    Our curriculum puts a lot of emphasis on projects which provide students an opportunity to learn and display abilities of converting ideas and knowledge to practical reality. Most theory courses involve a project work which are executed by students individually and in groups.

    Research excellence

    Excellence in research is vital to the development of any educational institution. A healthy and growing research program helps us to recruit the best faculty and the best students. It is an activity that stands above all others in establishing the reputation and quality of the institution and is essential for higher education.

    Research teaches graduate students to identify and define problems and find solutions that benefit society in general and benefits industries in particular. Students pursuing doctoral degrees learn not only to become experts in their specific discipline, but also learn how to seek out and secure funding for their future research.

    nvesting significant amounts in staff and facilities, we aim to ensure that our research contributions to education, business, industry, and to wider society are among the very best. Our academics work in a wide range of subject areas in Engineering and Business Administration and Management.

    Guest Lectures & Seminars

    Eminent professionals, CEOs of various industries of relevance and other eminent persons are invited to the campus regularly for guest lectures before the University fraternity and to actively interact with faculty and students. Seminars on various relevant IT themes are regularly organized.

    Latest Curriculam

    Faculty and students are continuously exposed to the latest tools and techniques in their domains. The courses offered, in consultation with the industry, are updated regularly.