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Admissions Open for AY 2024-25. Apply Online at https://getadmissions.com/jaypee


जेपी विश्वविद्यालय अनूपशहर , उ. प्र. , भारत


Name: Suman Saha

Designation: Associate Professor

Department: Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Qualification:  PhD (JUIT Waknaghat, 2017), M.Tech CS (ISI Kolkata, 2004)

Experience: 20 yrs (15 yrs teaching and 5 yrs research)

Contact Details: suman.saha@mail.jaypeeu.ac.in

Phone: 9805788220


Alumnus of ISI Kolkata, skilled in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Cryptography, Machine Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. Strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Network Science. Specialist for Google CodeJam, ACM ICPC, Kaggle and Crypto Challenge. Author of the book titled “Advanced Data Structure: Theory and Applications”, published by CRC Press.

Expertise: Cryptography, Reinforcement Learning, System Programming




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